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Kids Reading Book in Park



Equity Books is a nonprofit started by three friends over a pandemic. One, Alden, the Treasurer, technically in Florida and a married couple in North Carolina. THEN, we lost the Floridian to love and paddle boarding. We now have a lovely human as our Treasurer, Jasmine Bamlet.  The married folks, Kat, the President/Director and Renée, the Secretary were SO GRATEFUL to find Jasmine! She's a national treasure. 😉 You're welcome. 


Equity Books continues on with the mission to support minority owned bookstores, promote minority authors, to help raise the too-often unheard voices in our communities, have fun building community, to learn, educate, and have some hard conversations.


Our goals are to get more diverse books in schools and into Little Free Libraries because you should be able to see yourself in books wherever you may be. Books should be easily accessible. We believe representation in literature and the media is of the highest importance and should be widely available to everyone, regardless of cost. 

Copy of Equity Books Library Round Translucent (1).png

This is the home base, very first Equity Books Little Free Library. Kat's dad gifted it to the family for the holidays in 2020 as a nod of support to this mad mission.  We have some adorable libraries close by, but they don't speak to the diversity of our neighborhood. None of the books in them had anyone of color, or members of the LGBTQIA+ community, immigrant stories, people of non Christian faiths, neurodiverse, or disabled - that we ever saw. We felt the need to change it. We have two trump flags around the corner, at least three gay couples, a muslim family, and families of various races just that we know about. In our home alone,  we have  mental illness, witchiness, atheism, disability, queerness, and a bilingual immigrant.


Representation impacts how people see themselves and their place in the world. There are also so many authors getting overlooked who are incredible talents. There are so many things not being discussed because people aren't sure how to start the conversation. Heres to hoping our libraries and the books we put in other libraries  change all of these things. As well as the other things. we have planned. 😉

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