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Little Libraries
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We get Little Libraries donated to areas in need. Books are essential and many of us take for granted they are easily accessible.  We started with one gifted to us and then we built the first one we donated. Frankly, it's hard and we are so busy letting people know what we do and beggin' for money to do it that it's hard to build them too. So, we try to rely on your generosity for that. We do the research to choose books, we find people to get them to, and we raise money to do that. 

We are very interested in making community projects out of building libraries. The more community, the better. 

There are some curated lists of books that can be easily donated and sent directly to us. Equity Books tries to have books that represent all communities and any tricky subject to discuss for all ages. We want everyone to be able to find a book where characters look like them. Any and all suggestions are very welcome! Not a soul here pretends to know it all and we love learning everyday. We love sharing.

We made this one ourselves! 

Kilborne Park


Join Equity Books' Kat Starcher as she hosts an impactful conversation with Charlotte authors Jason Waters and Chablis Dandridge about inclusion, representation and equitable representation in books and the impact it has on youth and adults.



Jason is a skateboarder, artist, and author who lives with schizophrenia. He has published Unbalanced: A Life of Schizophrenia and Skateboarding with co-author Adam Sutton. The book is well received and Jason is eager to share his story of enduring his illness using skateboarding to cope and find a community that is supportive and understanding. Jason has done well for years but has lived through some very tough times which makes his story more interesting and inspiring.




QC Nerve Article



Chablis Dandridge was born to a 16-year old single mother and raised in Newark NJ. Some of his many harsh life realities by age 18 include; dropping out of high school at 15, he suffered 4 gunshot wounds leaving him paralyzed from the waist down, fathered two children, was institutionalized for mental health concerns and found himself in and out of jail. At age 27 he received a federal prison sentence for drug trafficking that would transform his life and rewrite the ending of his life’s book.

While in prison Chablis received a college degree and paralegal certification, learned Spanish fluently, focused on reform advocacy and community outreach work, and authored several books.

@therealchablis on Instagram

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